09-02-05 - Early Warfare – Peloponnesian War •...

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Unformatted text preview: Early Warfare – Peloponnesian War 9/2/05 • Pre-Notes o Xenophon, Cunaxa, 401 o Sirus the Pretender o Greek mercenaries were hoplites, Greeks hired slingers etc… • Strategy o Spartans War of Annihilation If they had been able to draw out Athenians they could have won o Athenians War of Attrition Goal: To persuade Spartans that they could not win the war • By the 420’s o Once fabulously large Athenian treasury had begun to diminish o Plague had wreaked havoc on the city, killing Perekles o Spartan leadership was still stable • Middle 420’s o Feeling that Athens should be more aggressive Election of Demosthenes o Development of Two Plans Sailing around the Peloponnesus, entering the gulf, and making a surprise attack in Biotia. Simultaneously pull off a pincer attack Not successful Seize the Island of Pylos, fortify it, use it as a base of operations. Hopes to bring about revolution with Helot class of Sparta. Spartans send a garrison to Sphactria with hopes of attacking from the mainland and the island. class of Sparta....
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09-02-05 - Early Warfare – Peloponnesian War •...

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