09-07-05 - Weaponry of the Ancient Europeans

09-07-05 - Weaponry of the Ancient Europeans - iv Persian...

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Weaponry of the Ancient Europeans + Battle of Gaugamela 9/7/05 1. Terminology a. Catapult - lever on a fulcrum b. Ballista – large crossbow that shoots heavy bolts c. Torsion-“spring” d. Double-Arm – projectile-launcher’s energy storing device (type of ballista) e. Onager – Roman “Wild Horse” (catapult) 2. Battle of Gaugamela a. Battle i. Persians emphasized cavalry 34,000 horsemen + unknown infantry (15-20,000 probably) v. 7,000 Alexander’s Cavalry + 38,000 infantry ii. Battle fought on a huge plane iii. Alexander and his companion cavalry break through the weak point on the Persian left
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Unformatted text preview: iv. Persian elite cavalry break through, begins looting v. Alexander takes off after Darius instead of using the breakthrough to loop around to injure the Persians from the back b. Conclusions + Notes i. Persia 1. Multiethnic empire 2. Appearance of strength ii. Macedonia + Alexander 1. Inherits an awesome army 2. Incredible logistic grasp 3. Profound grasp of strategy 4. Keen sense of timing 5. Ability to use multi-elemental army effectively 3. The Roman Situation a. Polybius (2 nd Cent. BC), Livy (0 AD), Tacitus, Vegetius (4 th Cent. AD)...
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