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09-12-05 - Roman Battles

09-12-05 - Roman Battles - ii Crassus engages the Parthians...

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1. Clarification a. “Principate” b. Slow increase of non-Italian legionnaires – example of Romanization c. Tactics – Evolution into the Cohort Legion i. Consensus – unlike the phalanx (pushing and stabbing), maniples + cohorts fight man-to-man in individual combat ii. Usually four ranks deep 2. Luttwak’s Three Periods a. 30 BC-AD 68 i. Security System 1. Establishing military buffer client states – “Hegemonic Empire” vs. “Territorial Empire” 2. Hegemonic advantage: fewer places/people to worry about because you have fall people cheaper 3. Hegemonic disadvantage: cannot collect taxes or, less control (revolts?) b. 69-180 c. 180-309 3. Historic Roman Defeats a. Cannae, 216 BC i. Defeat at the hands of Hannibal in the second Punic war ii. Pincer tactic enveloping the Carthaginians b. Carrhae, 53 BC i. Long struggle had existed between Romans and the Parthians in Iraq
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Unformatted text preview: ii. Crassus engages the Parthians in southern Turkey iii. Is stranded in the desert, shot to death, runs out of water c. Teautoberger Forest, AD 9 i. In Germany, gets trapped in a clearing in the forest ii. Too tight to use cohort tactics d. Adrianople, 378 i. Cavalry has become important to battle ii. In the Balkins 4. Issues with having a large Empire a. Succession – crap shoot of emperors b. Cost of maintaining a huge empire c. Competing Roman vs. Natavistic interests 5. Luttvak’s notes on strategy a. Security b. Economic well being i. Access to new wealth and resources came from expanding empire ii. Later, individual search for power and domination c. Effects on the Political Order of Having too Much Weight Given to Security Needs (Too powerful military presence)...
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