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09-16-05 - Roman Third Period

09-16-05 - Roman Third Period - Roman Third Period Luttwak...

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Roman Third Period 9/16/05 Luttwak, specific treatments not to neglect: 1. pp 121-125, “functional diversifications” (checklist #6) 2. 132-135, various function of fortified places (“Hard points”) 3. 159-167, changes in military architecture to meet new needs + threats 4. 188-189, The Notita Digniation, best source on late army, but … 1. Roman Artillery a. Ballista b. Rare use in field battles because of low rate of fire, but useful to shoot over c. p121, the Carrol Ballista – a mounted field gun 2. Period Three – 181-309 a. Inspiration of the new system is the “Third Century Crisis” i. Parts 1. Almost constant struggles for the crown – civil wars etc… 2. Unprecedented degree of foreign pressure - The Allimani, The Goths etc... (p 148-149) b. Two main responses of a systemic nature i. Elastic Defense 1. Very limited opportunity for forces to resist any major incursion 2. Allows people to break through but meet them with large armies 3. A “faute de mieux” 4. One-Tier System 5.
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