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09-30-05 - Roman and Han Empire

09-30-05 - Roman and Han Empire - Han and Roman Empires 1...

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Han and Roman Empires 9/30/05 1. Exam Format a. Essay exam b. Short essays c. Four sets of two questions d. Some names you ought to know – whose names appear on the board? i. Diocletian ii. Mao-tun iii. Et cetera … e. May be a quote, typical of what we have been doing f. Know details 2. Mao-tun (the Hsung-nu Khan) + Hsiung-nu unity a. He was very respected by the Han b. First example of a unifier out on the steppe c. Leader from 209-173 (early Han) d. How did he succeed i. Surrounded himself with a guard of personal expert archers ii. Tells them to shoot at whatever he tells them, they will die if they cannot hit whoever iii. Tells them to shoot his favorite horse, then… his father iv. In other words, lots of fighting v. Also, used organization 3. Han Responses (Phases 1-3) a. Policy of Conciliation i. Led to a series of treaties ii. Painful to the Chinese and their image that they were the center of the world iii. Ten total treaties, they involved 1. marriage alliances 2.
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