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Important Issues by Topic - Prelim 1

Important Issues by Topic - Prelim 1 - Important Issues by...

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Important Issues by Topic Greeks Early stages – limited war and composition of the army Athenians juxtaposed to Spartans o Athenians Limited Democracy Small Helots o Spartans Oligarchy 10x as large Everyone was part of the war society since childhood Hoplites Technology o Little use or need for siege craft, spears, limited horse use, o Late: invention of the trireme – introduces social aspect into war by bringing the lower class into the army increases the stakes Evolution of Army Structure o Early Hoplite citizen solders (militias) Fought in phalanxes Usually fought on even ground with little use for tactics, essentially just rush each other Weapons were limited to hand to hand combat weapons like spears and swords o Persian War Higher stakes than the period of warring city states o Later – Peloponnesian war Greeks introduce the trireme Macedonians Romans Three Phases of Border Defense o
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