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10-05-05 - Periodization

10-05-05 - Periodization - Periodization 1 400-750 Roman...

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Periodization 10/5/05 1. 400-750 Roman –“Barbarian” synthesis a. Early Situation i. Explosion of nomadic tribes across Asian on both ends ii. Only two countries that successfully thwarted barbarians were the Eastern Roman Empire and Persia iii. Rise of the church both spiritually and secularly iv. Rise of Islam b. Fragmentation of Authority (Political and Economic) i. Thus, tendency to converge around local large landholder ii. Especially true for the Romanic Gauls iii. “Comitatus” – war band that surrounds a given chief c. Old interpretation that proto-knights appeared at the end of the Roman empire i. Evidence against: Goths were not entirely mounted ii. Roman defeat probably occurred because he fought before the backups could arrive d. First Frankish Dynasty i. Merovingian dynasty (composed of Franks) – Founded in 486 AD ii. For the first few centuries, composed mainly of infantry e. No stirrup yet i. Stirrup allows people to enter battle while heavily armored, with more weaponry (eg lances and large swords) ii. Probably came from China (nomads?).
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