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10-12-05 - Normandy - Normandy 1 Bayeux Tapestry a...

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Normandy 10/12/05 1. Bayeux Tapestry a. Characters i. Edward the Confessor – Saxon king of England (dead) ii. Harold Godwin – English advisor of Edward takes over throne iii. William of Normandy (Wm. I) iv. Harold Hardrada - loser v. Haley’s Comet b. Background i. 911 – Normandy was in poor shape ii. 1013 – Still a sense of a Viking community iii. William the Bastard c. 1066 i. January: death of Edward succession of Harold 1. Distant, but existing relative 2. Relative assurance from Edward that Harold was the successor 3. Harold had support from the English nobility ii. Summer 1. Preparation by William for invasion of England 2. William receives blessing of Pope iii. Tapestry
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