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10-14-05 - Crusades

10-14-05 - Crusades - Crusades 1 Finishing the Normans in...

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Crusades 10/14/05 1. Finishing the Normans in England a. Norman victory attributed to better or more archers (but not crossbows) i. No evidence: archers seen on tapestry, but no evidence of importance 2. The Crusades, dates a. 1095-99 b. 1146-49 c. 1190-92 d. 1199-1204 3. Situation a. Knights were a practical solution to rule b. Beeler makes references to issues that are non-Feudal related to the Army, recruitment i. Infantry were probably not Feudal – possible make use of the levy or conscription to come up with troops – no contractual obligation ii. Hire lots of mercenaries c. Compare information on Hastings and Saxon Norman rule, but in the crusades, details become much fuller d. Look at the crusades from a number of ways i. Some writers deal with the expansion of the Franks (all the way back to Charlemagne) -- Aggressive attitude of the Franks and their desire to always get more when they could ii. Religious motive – In many religions, pilgrimages are important (see Muslim religion). Christians also try
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