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10-21-05 - China Period III

10-21-05 - China Period III - 1 2 3 China Period III...

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China Period III – 755-810 and 810-906 10/21/05 1. Components of a Basic Tactical Infantry a. Cavalry – Shock troops and archers. Or maybe just archers b. Archers? – Occurs because crossbows are too slow. Maybe horse archers. If not, then cavalry size is smaller than we would expect. c. Crossbowmen – since the Han period, has been a basic component of the Chinese army. Chinese believed that this gave them an advantage over their nomadic enemies. True up to the point that there is a slow rate of fire. d. Heavy infantry e. Skirmishers f. Proportion of soldiers would differ according to the topography. 2. Rebellion of An Lu-shan (763) and the Change in Power a. Assassinated, as are his son, and grandson b. Court made military appointments for the interior out of desperate conditions. Fighting continues until 763, when peace is achieved by recognizing the power of three generals as being the governors of provinces.
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