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10-24-05 - Sung Dynasty

10-24-05 - Sung Dynasty - Song or Sung Dynasty 1 Origin a...

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Song or Sung Dynasty 10/24/05 1. Origin a. Founded by two brothers, who unified China b. Northern China: 960-1126 c. Southern China: 1127-1276 2. Four main reasons for being interested in it a. Offered huge military challenges which ultimately cost the Song of its existence, thereby earning the Song the description of being “weak”. China in this period faced the strongest enemies it faced up to the 19 th century b. The Sung put together the largest standing army that had ever existed before. Most of which were stretched out on the Northern Border. Many were also centered around the new capital with the thought of what strong armies could do to bring down the dynasty (see Tong dynasty). Largest army they had till the 19 th century. c. Sung saw the invention of gunpowder and the development of black powder weapons d. Featured a very high level of literary refinement and creativity. They created huge encyclopedias and collections of things which may contain examples of things which do not exist in other forms 3. Primary Military Information Sources a. Military encyclopedia, for example one has the earliest recipe for gunpowder.
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