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10-26-05 - Weaponry of Medieval China

10-26-05 - Weaponry of Medieval China - Weaponry of...

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Weaponry of Medieval China 10/26/05 1. Defense of Towns a. See Franka’s article b. How to prepare a town for siege: strip the countryside, poison the springs etc… Details how to control the population under siege: on the, whole the townspeople were recruited to aid the effort. The class element intrudes interestingly. The upper classes would be wary of the lower classes because they could be easily bribed. c. The end of this article covers two major sieges. Te-an in 1206 and Hsiang-yang. After the Jurchin (Chin) take over north China and pursued a significant offensive to the south where they captured the emperor and took him to Manchuria. His successor was run out all. Problematically, they spread out their communication lines too far. The frontier between the Chin and the Sung was not the Yanzuh but a no man’s land. The site of Te-an is North of the Yanzu. The siege was unsuccessful. The siege at Hsiang-yang was located in central China on the Han River. Was also a site of a major siege during the Mongol conquest.
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