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11-02-05 - More Mongolian Conquests

11-02-05 - More Mongolian Conquests - Mongols 1 Timetable a...

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Mongols 11/2/05 1. Timetable a. Following the death of Genghis Khan (1227), there is a slowing down b. When one dies, there is a quriltai (a congress). They try to decide which one of Genghis’s sons is picked. c. The second one dies in 1241 d. Third one drinks himself to death in 1248 e. Large scale pushes were not very effective without a stable leader. f. 1250-1259 – “The Height of the Mongol Empire” under the fourth Khan, the grandson of Genghis. 2. One of the most peculiar things of this whole affair was what drove the Mongols out of their small corner of the world and led to this extraordinary expansion a. Physical explanations i. One argument was that there was a large scale drought in Mongolia, which led to a need to go find bread no evidence of this ii. Another recent argument said that if there was enough water, maybe it was too cold. Sources said that there was not a convincing case. b. Other explanations i. The role of Genghis is not to be underestimated. Some people, though maybe lucky, have carried out great deeds.
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