11-04-05 - Mongol Conquests - Mongolian Conquests 11/4/05...

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Mongolian Conquests 11/4/05 1. Invasion of Europe a. According to travelers, in the Mongol capitals, there were Europeans could have had a source of intelligence. Once they had occupied much of southern Russia, probably they acquired good intelligence for attacking Hungary etc… When they learned that the Kumans had taken refuge in Hungary, they got pissed and wanted to catch up to them. Logic: if they Kumans (a nomadic people) could live in Hungary, then the Mongols could live there. b. We can date the western push to about Christmas of 1240, because that was when Kiev was taken. c. Moved, resupplied, and moved again. In early 1241, the Mongols divided up the main army and a northern army that went north of Hungary through Eastern Poland. Did not face much effective resistance. d. Fought the Battle of Liegnitz – April 9, 1241. Duke Henry of Salisia gathered knights and was promised aid of King Wenceslas. Henry and buddies charged. The Mongols parted and proceeded to take down the knights piecemeal. Probably pretty similar in size. e. Simultaneously, the main force moved through towards Budapest. Bela IV gathered a substantial army (upwards of 40,000). The Mongols might have been that large (+30,000). Mongols withdrew to Mohi Heath and camped. Bela had to show that he was an effective king marched east and initiated an attack. Armies were on two sides of a river.
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11-04-05 - Mongol Conquests - Mongolian Conquests 11/4/05...

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