Important Issues - Prelim 2 - 1. 2. 3. 4. Exam Notes...

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Exam Notes 1. Stirrup – Importance of a. Improved the efficiency of the mounted trooper i. More firmly secured to his steed ii. Thus, can wear heavier armor with less fear of falling off the horse iii. Thus, the knight can deliver a greater deal of force with less fear of being dismounted by a footman. Thus, he can charge and swing heavy swords. According to Beeler, the charge was an almost insurmountable weapon against infantry for centuries. b. Encouraged the shift to the creation of a military feudalism i. In time of political chaos and strife, leaders needed a strong army to ensure their power. ii. Mounted cavalry with its charge seemed like a valuable tool to achieve that end. iii. Unfortunately, training and outfitting mounted riders required a great deal of money, which was in short supply. iv. Land, however, was not. v. Thus, leaders gave loyal soldiers fiefdoms in return for annual mounted cavalry service. vi. By tying land ownership to land, the leaders had created a military feudalism c. Fewer socio-military effects in East Asia i. Due to the life of the nomad, the stirrup must have spread quickly ii. Though everyone thus could have fielded heavy cavalry, they chose not to and relied on mobility and missile warfare. iii. Thus, heavy cavalry becomes just another type of soldier. 2. Critique of the definition of “Feudal” Warfare a. Military leaders and rulers were not constrained to one singular style of warfare, such as feudalism. They used whatever worked. b.
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Important Issues - Prelim 2 - 1. 2. 3. 4. Exam Notes...

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