11-16-05 - Renaissance Technology

11-16-05 - Renaissance Technology - Renaissance Technology...

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Renaissance Technology 11/16/05 1. Europe in Flux a. Rise of large players as power is consolidated and there is a period of general economic growth. Greater resources support more ambitious military endeavors. b. Era of technological progress. More firearms and metallurgy. Rise of printing. Improved town planning and fortification. c. Period when there is an increasing role of commoners on the political/military front. Don’t become leaders except in cities and in the army. d. Period of intense international competition. Warfare/competition maintains economic pressure on the state and encourages people to evolve. e. From the reformation onward, the role of religion increases. France in the later 15 th century is embattled by religious wars. 2. Era of the Pike and Its End: 1302 (Battle of Courtrai) – 1503 (Battle of Novara) a. Developed in central Europe while the hundred years war occurs. Pikemen develop and Swiss are hired as mercenaries, such as the Vatican Swiss guard. b.
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