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11-18-05 - Military Revolution

11-18-05 - Military Revolution - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Military...

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Military Revolution 11/18/05 1. Note that Armies become more and more composed of mercenaries. This trend continues well into the 19 th century until the era of Nationalism. 2. Dutch Revolt or 80 Years War – Major Impetus of Revolution a. Lasts from at least 1568-1648 b. Because of time period, it stretches well into the past and future. Was a place for testing new tactics and strategy. c. Ties into the 30 years war (1618-1648). Spain was the dominant military power in Europe. Spain continues to benefit from New World wealth. By the mid 17 th century, France becomes the leading military power. Stays this way through the Napoleonic Wars. 3. Reform of Tactics a. (Essay on Gustavus Adoplhus) Roberts was the proponent of this theory. He claims that the cause of the military revolution was far more than the change in guns. b. Shift to linear tactics from the old depth concept. Depth was essential if using pikemen or other dense formations. Issue of the slow rate of fire for the arquebus. Louis of Nassau (Dutch) comes up with the idea of the “countermarch.”
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