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11-21-05 - 30 Years War

11-21-05 - 30 Years War - 30 Years War 1 Phases a 1618-25...

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30 Years War 11/21/05 1. Phases a. 1618-25: Bohemian-Palatinate phase i. Beginnings in the Czech Republic, where there was a very strong protestant element which wanted an independent country. Catholic League comes into power and neutralizes this revolt. b. 1625-29: Danish War i. Czechs invite Frederick, does ok. Christian of Denmark is called up. He too loses. The Hapsburg Empire is rejuvenated. Invades Denmark. c. 1630-35: Swedish War 2. First Modern War a. Very severe repercussions for the populace, especially in Germany, mostly by having to give up supplies and brutalization. Involves everybody b. First serious use of propaganda and ideology (aka religion). Printing in broad sheets which were widely distributed. 3. Slides a. Pavise – a battlefield shelter for a crossbowman (a Chinese devise) b. Arquebus has given way to the musket – longer, more powerful, more accurate c. Frederick’s investment of Pilsnen d. Parker claims that German towns were slow to modify their defenses, thus they were taken over with comparative ease e.
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