11-28-05 - End of the 16th Century

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End of the 16 th Century 11/28/05 1. Battle of Breitenfeld (September 17 th , 1631) (Swedes vs. English) a. Strategy of Gustavus Adolphus: Sought battle to make a decisive victory. Contrary to the trend of the day b. Battle i. Gustavus had twice as many field guns – a huge advantage. He believed in stiffening his cavalry by attaching musketeers to a cavalry group (“commanded musketeers”). Adds shock power to cavalry. ii. On the side of the imperialists, they were lined up in the tercio (pike) formation. iii. Imperialist cavalry attempt to charge, stiffened cavalry fire on them, drive them back, and counter successfully. iv. Gustavus’s Saxon forces flee. The center infantry turn to block the charging imperialist cavalry on his right. Then, they attacked the imperialist tercios and won. c. Follow-Up i. Why didn’t he continue onward through Europe? He could never get too far away from his homeland (subsidies and communication). He was low on supplies. Thus, he wintered in the Rhineland. Thus, communication and logistics were the major reasons. ii.
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