11-30-05 - War of Spanish Succession

11-30-05 - War of Spanish Succession - War of Spanish...

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War of Spanish Succession 11/30/05 1. Whatever happened to cavalry? a. By the 1700’s, they are divided up into three parts. Shock cuirassiers. Light hussars (in Eastern Europe) this is an influence of the nomadic invaders of years past. Mounted (“missile men”) dragoon (mounted cavalry with guns/archers) 2. Background to Marlborough and the War of the Spanish Succession, 1702-1713 a. A quarter century of French imperialism, led by Louis XIV. Invaded Belgium, Holland, Germany. Hoped to spread out to the Rhine. Made it all the way to Strasbourg. b. Immediately proceeded by the War of the Grand Alliance: Part I (1687-1689). French versus most everyone else. Louis signs a truce. He got to keep Strasbourg. c. Not nationalistic wars. Wars of conquering. d. Spanish Succession: Spanish King Charles II dies childless. King of Bavaria set to become king, but he died first. Louis inserted his nephew as Phillip of Spain. The rest of Europe was not happy with this rising hegemony of Spain. James III becomes King of England. Issue of spreading Catholicism e. Grand Alliance Forms in response to these fears. f.
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