12-02-05 - War of the Spanish Succession - Part II

12-02-05 - War of the Spanish Succession - Part II - War of...

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War of the Spanish Succession: Part II 12/2/05 1. Victories of Marlborough a. 1704 – Blenheim b. 1706 – Ramilles c. 1708 -- Oumenard d. 1709 -- Malaplaquet 2. Battle of Ramilles – 5/23/06 a. 1706, French take initiatives in Northern Italy and the Rhineland b. Blenheim was intended to keep Austria in the war, this also threatened the war. Marlborough hoped to bring the French to the negotiations table. Both sides caught each other off guard. Each side had ~60,000, but Marlborough had more cannons. Note use of significantly large cannons. c. Louis had given instructions to watch out where the English would first out to find out where the real attack would be. Allies attacked on both flanks. Marlborough’s use of a “re-enterant.” “Sauve qui peut” – “every man for himself.” 3. Post Battle: a. Saves the Low Countries from French occupation. Allies in a much superior position. <<Chandler>> b. Cost of war has become astronomically high. Allies keep pushing on for too long. Various leaders get sick of the war. 1711, Marlborough is disgraced. c. The war winds down Treaty of Utrecht: returns to status quo with a few dynastic and territorial issues cleared up. France remains powerful.
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