1-30-06 - Prosperity – Depression - Unemployment

- - 1 2 Prosperity Depression Unemployment(Shaky Prosperity of the 1920s Continued a Agriculture i During World War I farmers borrowed money to buy

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Prosperity – Depression - Unemployment 1/30/06 1. (Shaky) Prosperity of the 1920’s - Continued a. Agriculture i. During World War I, farmers borrowed money to buy land and machinery to produce and sell more crops at the high prices of the war. After the war, prices drop and farmers fault on loans. The small farm ceases to exist (swallowed up by large farms). Rise of agribusiness. ii. Attempts to adopt the industrial methods of production and exploitation of research. iii. As conglomerates grow, there is over production. Coolidge attempts to stabilize prices. b. Business practices enter into everyday life i. Literature 1. Bruce Barton – The Man Nobody Knows – Best-selling story about Jesus, the founder of modern business practices and the greatest sales force in human history ii. Politics 1. Various presidents say more business in government than visa-versa c. Course question - “What happens when people’s confidence in capitalism collapses” 2. Great Depression a. Stock Market Crash of 1929
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