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2-06-06 - Public Works

2-06-06 - Public Works - Public Works 1 Background\Overview...

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Public Works 2/6/06 1. Background\Overview a. Consequences – effects the physical landscape, political landscape, and economy b. Budgets i. Schumpeter – “Budget is the skeleton of the state stripped bare of misleading ideologies” ii. Fed. Budget of the 30’s 1. New Deal spent over 2/3 on public works programs (CCC, PWA (Public Works), WPA (Works Progress)) a. Massive increase of federal involvement b. Widespread effort (New Deal occurred in all but 3 counties in the USA) c. Public works are the central enterprise and achievement of the New Deal 2. Organizations a. PWA i. Background 1. Created in 1933, 2. Heavy construction, large-scale building 3. Relies on private contractors ii. More 1. Lead by Harold Ickes, progressive Republican 2. Has $3.3 billion budget (165% of Federal Revenues, 6% of the GDP) 3. Creates new bureaucracy in an anti-federal government society 4. Forges a new political order iii. Big Picture 1. 34,000 projects a. Streets and highways, schools (half of all counties got at least one), hospitals b.
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