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Labor 2/13/06 1. Labor Movement During the 1920’s a. Lean years for the American worker i. Workers have material advantages of the 20’s, but the flaws hit them disproportionately ii. Imbalance 1. Improvements in productivity from new forms of technology and scientific management 2. Unemployment in some industrial sectors such as steel was about ~10% 3. African Americans feel a large burden – often the last to be hired and first fired. Not admitted to labor unions 4. Similar situations for women and immigrants iii. Attempts to divert interest for unions b. Materialism on all levels of society and lean time for unions i. Most workers shared an affection for the dollar --- people measured themselves in material amounts ii. Very forbidding for unions if people see no interest in this iii. Foreign and local observers were struck by the backwardness of the labor movement c. How to build a labor movement? i.
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