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2-15-06 - Dissent on Left + Right

2-15-06 - Dissent on Left + Right - 1 2 3 4 Dissent on Left...

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Dissent on Left + Right 2/15/06 1. American Political Culture during the Great Depression a. Elections – FDR reelected in massive landslides b. Voices of those who are out of the center 2. Outside Opinions a. Favorite and Hated PWA b. FDR messed with traditional power relationships c. Generalizations i. Left: The new deal did not go far enough (helping the poor etc…) ii. Right: The new deal was too intrusive, built up class conflict 3. The Left a. Huey Long - “The Kingfish” i. Background 1. Early Life a. The governor and senator from Louisiana b. Polarizes national politics through his pubic service – very corrupt, disruptive in the National Democratic Party c. Smart but not applied (great memory). No college experience. d. Admitted to the bar at 21 and starts a law firm. e. Elected to the railroad commission. Becomes the champion of the people by attacking oil companies. 2. Governor a. Very successful 1923 run for governor. 1928, wins at 34. b.
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