2-22-06 - Rural America - Rural America 2/22/06 1....

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Rural America 2/22/06 1. Immediacy of the Plight of Farmers a. 1933, farmer = 32% of the nation’s workforce b. Many of FDR’s supporters were farmers c. Farmer’s Holiday Association calls for national farming strike d. Sec of Agriculture Henry Wallace called for special session of congress 2. Dust Bowl a. Overview i. Southern great plains of the US - 97 million acre area b. Natural Causes i. Drought and erosion was severe – lack of heavy vegetation combined with high winds ii. Giant dust storm strikes the area in 1935 iii. Droughts and prairie fires c. Human Causes i. 1900-30, more expansion to grow more wheat ii. High agricultural prices, increased demand, lots of rain just after World War I d. Dust i. Lots of dust! Everything was covered with dust! ii. Lots of static electricity ignition systems fail, everything metal became shocking iii. People become sick from consuming too much dust – “Dust Pneumonia” e. Attempted solutions i. Trees 1. Forrest service is the first federal agency to try to solve this
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2-22-06 - Rural America - Rural America 2/22/06 1....

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