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3-01-06 - First vs Second New Deal

3-01-06 - First vs Second New Deal - First vs Second New...

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First vs Second New Deal 3/1/06 1. Notes a. Bring Polenberg for Friday b. Re-look at the course overview in the syllabus c. Quick Summery of the Major Themes of the Course i. Capitalism 1. Dynamic – “Creative destruction” 2. Confidence ii. New Deal 1. As an mental/psychological/confidence experience 2. Economic experience 3. Legend/rhetoric vs. reality/truth 4. Progressive v. conservative iii. Blame iv. Unemployed 1. Attitude 2. Mobilization of classes v. Inequality vi. Successful? Successful in what ways? vii. Time viii. The “Second New Deal” 2. Major Themes of the Two New Deals a. 1933 i. Enacted in the First 100 Days ii. Designed to achieve economic recovery 1. National planning 2. Control of the market 3. Relief assistance iii. NRA and AAA 1. Designed to bring balanced relief in industry and agriculture iv. FERA 1. Relief to the unemployed (1 st inaugural address) v. PWA, CCC, Securities and Exchange Commission b. 1935 i. Social reform 1.
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