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3-13-06 - Court Packing

3-13-06 - Court Packing - 1 2 3 Court Packing Trajectory of...

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Court Packing 3/13/06 1. Trajectory of the New Deal and Shift from First to Second New Deal 2. Previous Experience with the Supreme Court a. Numerous acts had been declared unconstitutional – AAA, NIRA etc… b. Roosevelt wants to see how to reform the supreme court advisors come up with a new plan i. “Judicial Reorganization Act” (aka “Court Packing) 1. Sent to congress in February 1937 2. Gives the president the power to add to the supreme court an additional justice to each one of the 9 justices on the court who does not retire in six months once they become 70 a. 6 of the 9 are (in 1937) over 70 3. Explanation: current justices are too old to keep up with the workload 4. Aim: secure a sympathetic majority on the court a. Not entirely novel: bills like this had been made since the 1800’s ii. Reaction 1. Numerous organizations speak out against this plan 2. Even liberal members of the Roosevelt administration speak out or sit quiet 3.
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