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The WPA 3/27/06 1. Debates about the WPA a. The New Deal at a Local Level – Boondoggles b. Politics – Partisan patronage i. “Hatch Act” – against misuse of the WPA ii. Shows the limits of new deal liberalism 2. Origins a. Created in 1935 b. James Farley, head of the DNP i. Sees the WPA as means of aiding the democratic party ii. Republicans see this and complain 3. Reach of the WPA a. Stretches into every state, thus it showcases the successes of the democratic government everywhere 4. Debate a. Supporters of WPA: The organization has accomplished a great deal b. Detractors: Organization has been a waste of time 5. Public Response a. Everyone seems to either love or hate the WPA b. Military appreciates the revitalizing of infrastructure and defense oriented public works c. “Boondoggling” and “Today’s Boondoggle” in the New York Sun i. Assumes that all projects taken on by the WPA will commence immediately ii. Points out that some projects are built in the middle of nowhere
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