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4-03-06 - The CIO

4-03-06 - The CIO - The CIO 1 Stereotypical narrative of...

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The CIO 4/3/06 1. Stereotypical narrative of organized labor in the 1930’s a. Working conditions were abysmal during the Great Depression b. In Nov 1935, at an AFL convention, three heads of unions oriented towards unskilled labor pushed for the creation of a group for them. They become frustrated an leave to create the CIO c. Lack of worker control over their own lives was degrading and humiliating – long hours, difficult working conditions, and fast paced machinery very dangerous and speaking up meant that you could lose your job 2. Link to the New Deal a. Roosevelt was reasonably a conservative. But, the CIO says that “Roosevelt wants you to join the union” b. Many in congress feared that the labor movement will move to extremes like communism c. However, they also saw unionism as a means of subduing labor unrest 3. Tool of the Sit Down Strike a. Acron, Ohio in 1936 i. At the Goodyear tire plant. ii. Want control over hours, method of payment, protection of unions iii.
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