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Germany: 1871-1920’s 4/5/06 1. Wirtschaftsordnung – the “economic order” in Germany a. Collective group of institutions and traditions that shape the economic community 2. US a. Economic order seen as something that slowly evolves 3. Germany a. Sees change as something that happens rapidly/turbulently b. Sees economy+society+politics as overlapping 4. Unity a. Very late in the game, had previously existed only as a common literary language b. Napoleon merges the numerous principalities of Europe into larger nations i. Out of a need to more easily collect taxes ii. Merges 100’s of states into 49 member states of the “Order of the Rhine” iii. Introduces beurocracy, commercial laws etc… iv. Common dislike of the French German nationalism c. Congress of Vienna consolidates Germany as a means to maintain the d. 1866-1871: Otto Von Bismarck unified the German state and took Alsace-Lorraine e. Germany wins with “blood and iron”, not popular support
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Unformatted text preview: 5. “The German Question” a. How to deal with a powerful, new country in the center of Europe b. Federal system with a powerful monarch and chancellor i. Federal State System - Selbswerwatlung – self-government 6. Legacies a. Major opposition party demands social welfare measures, working class organization – Social Democrats b. Hard to raise national taxes 7. Economy of Germany a. 1850: relatively backwards to Britain and France b. 1900: major economic force in the world – Why? i. Customs Union – area with a common free trade area (founded 1834) ii. Development of the Railroad – grows rapidly, nationalized in 1879, pays high dividends iii. German/Universal Banking – provides financing for the railroads iv. Strong craft tradition in German labor v. Great education system...
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