4-10-06 - Germany -- Reactions to GD

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Germany 4/10/06 1. Overview a. Late Unifier – 1871 b. Turbulent history i. Lots of fighting the French… and winning c. Center of Europe i. Lots of poltical up upheval -- turbulence different view of capitalism ii. Wirtschaftysornung – government needs to take control of the economic order iii. Selbsverwaltung – “self governance” 2. Contributing Factors to Economic Growth a. Customs Union i. Area with a common free trade area (founded 1834) ii. Zollverein b. Development of the Railroad – grows rapidly, nationalized in 1879, pays high dividends c. German/Universal Banking i. Provides financing for the railroads ii. Combination commercial banking/investment banking allows for larger capital investments d. Great education system i. General education for everyone from 6-16, around since late 18 th century. Far ahead of everyone else e. Strong craft tradition in German labor i. Mittelstand: Middle Classes involved in small businesses 3.
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