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4-19-06 - German Reich - 1933-45 VERY IMPORTANT

4-19-06 - German Reich - 1933-45 VERY IMPORTANT - German...

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German Reich: 1933-1945 4/19/06 1. New Economic Order a. Assumptions i. Different assumptions of the role of markets, markets bring disorder, not order ii. Government exists to create order b. Parts i. Rearmament ii. War c. Action i. Denounces liberal capitalism, but cooperation of industry was needed for capitalism ii. Downplays more extreme plans to rearm iii. Divorces liberalism and capitalism iv. Great state control over capitalism, foreign trade, wages + prices, raw material supplies, investment v. Does not dissolve right to private property vi. Harnesses private capitalism to its goals 2. Phase 1: 1933-1936 – General Economic Recovery supported by large public works programs a. Initial moves i. Aggressively political: suspended civil liberties, concentration camps for political prisoners, political terrorism of oppositional leaders, dissolves all other political parties ii. Ominous policy of “synchronization”: assumes under the Nazi party, industry iii. State forces major industries to cartelize 1. No longer a means of industrial self government, gives state control iv. Price controls v. Ends unions and seizes their property vi. End of collective bargaining, substitutes workers as “followers” b. Need to provide jobs – “Battle for Work” i.
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