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5-01-06 - 20th Century in Review

5-01-06 - 20th Century in Review - 20th Century in Review 1...

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20 th Century in Review 5/1/06 1. Take Away Themes of the 20 th Century a. Economic History i. Dominant area of events of crucial change ii. Serves a greater driving force in life than in other times b. Wealth Increases i. Broader, wider felt feeling of prosperity c. Barbarism i. Because of productivity and organization, more effective destruction and social upheaval ii. More barbaric social upheaval than in any previous century. Origins in economic ideologies. d. Growing gulf between different national economies i. World’s material wealth becomes more unequally distributed e. Economic intelligence? i. Management of economies by governments was inept ii. Little was known how to manage economies iii. Lesions learned were quickly forgotten 2. If an economic history of the twentieth century… a. Economy that changes in this century that changes rapidly and fundamentally, not as much changes of culture and politics b. Pace of creative destruction was enough to fundamentally alter the world. Production, distribution, consumption was the
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