Lect1109EchelonForm - MATH 17100 28446 The row-reduced echelon form An m n matrix is in row-reduced form if it has the following properties(1 The

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MATH 17100 28446 11/09/2009 The row-reduced echelon form An mn matrix is in row-reduced form if it has the following properties: (1) The first non-zero element encountered along any row is 1. Such an element is called a pivot element . (2) Along the column where a pivot element is located, all other elements are 0. (3) Zero rows occur below non-zero rows. (4) The pivot element in any row occupies a column to the right of the pivot element above it. Any given matrix can be brought into row-reduced form, and that row-reduced form is unique for the given matrix, by application of the elementary row operations, namely row exchanges,
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