Biology Chapter 20

Biology Chapter 20 - Chapter 20: DNA Technology and...

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Chapter 20: DNA Technology and Genomics Understanding and Manipulating Genomes - Recombinant DNA: A DNA molecule made in vitro with segments from different sources - Genetic Engineering: The direct manipulation of genes for practical purposes - Biotechnology: The manipulation of organisms or their components to make useful products - DNA Technology: Scientists can make recombinant DNA and then introduce it into cultured cells that replicate the DNA and express its genes, yielding a desired protein Using Restriction enzymes to Make Recombinant DNA - Restriction Enzymes: Enzymes that cut DNA molecules at a limited number of specific locations o Work by cutting up the foreign DNA, a process called restriction - Restriction Site: A specific sequence on a DNA strand that is recognized as a “cut site” by a restriction enzyme o Cut both strands DNA strands at specific points within the restriction site - Restriction Fragments: DNA segment resulting from cutting of DNA by a restriction enzyme - Sticky End: A single stranded end of a double stranded DNA restriction fragment o Form hydrogen bonded base pairs with complementary sticky ends on any other DNA molecules cut
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Biology Chapter 20 - Chapter 20: DNA Technology and...

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