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Biology Review - Biology Review Exam#1 Ribosome is not...

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Biology Review: Exam #1 Ribosome is not necessarily an organelle because it is not bound by a membrane. - Ribosomes are found in both the eukaryotic cell and prokaryotic cell. - Prokaryotic cells do not have a nucleus, but they have a nucleic region. - 70s and 80s: subunits that make eukaryotic cell and prokaryotic cell’s of organisms. - Some organelles have two membranes Dual membrane: set up potential between regions to move materials - Mitochondria moves protein Vacuoles are for PLANTS; they’re higher and they can’t move, so the vacuoles STORE WATER Vessels are for ANIMALS (and sometimes plants) - Protective component; encase you from harm, packaging it give you time to “sniff it out” Cilia and flagella movement; there roles Resolving power is NOT magnification - It’s resolution - Clarity of an image, how well you can differentiate two objects from being one. *magnification of eye piece and lens* Reductionism: reduce to smallest workable component and find out what they do Function of vocabulary in question #1, chapter 6, what process they’re in and what they do… Ex. Chloroplast photosynthesis Emergent properties: coming together in molecular and organism levels, having their own original molecular behaviors Respective DNA: genetic material (in mitochondria); not a lot of material on test - It is DOUBLE STRANDED, it’s cousin RNA is single stranded
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Biology Review - Biology Review Exam#1 Ribosome is not...

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