F09Sess6 6s - IE/PSY 577 Traffic light Controller System...

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1 IE/PSY 577 Session 6 System Concept and Human Error 2 IE/PSY 577 Session 6 A system is broadly defined as any process or product that accepts inputs and delivers outputs A system is an aggregation of elements organized in some structure (usually hierarchical) to accomplish system goals and objectives 3 IE/PSY 577 Session 6 Transportation System Inputs : People, goods to be transported to a destination, fuel, vehicles, and other resources necessary to complete the task Outputs : The individuals and goods delivered to a specific destination, wear on vehicles and pollution 4 IE/PSY 577 Session 6 Traffic light Controller System Inputs : Cars driving over sensor; pedestrians pushing the walk button Outputs : The colored lights in each direction 5 IE/PSY 577 Session 6 Car Subsystem Inputs : Fuel, water, battery power, and the commands of the driver Outputs : Movement, heat, and pollution 6 IE/PSY 577 Session 6 MIL-STD-499A Systems engineering is the application of scientific and engineering efforts to : Transform an operational need into a description of system performance parameters and a system configuration using an iterative process of definition, synthesis, analysis, design, test and evaluation
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2 7 IE/PSY 577 Session 6 Integrate related technical parameters and ensure compatibility of all physical, functional, and program interfaces in a manner that optimizes the total system definition and design Integrate reliability, maintainability, safety, survivability, human, and other such factors into the total engineering effort to meet cost, schedule, and performance objectives 8 IE/PSY 577 Session 6 The principal top level function of systems engineering is to ensure that the system satisfies its requirements throughout its life cycle. Everything else
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F09Sess6 6s - IE/PSY 577 Traffic light Controller System...

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