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global reading extra credit - Trevor Salas March 8 2010...

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Trevor Salas March 8, 2010 Kathy Kemp Fri 11AM Reading Notes 3/9 + extra credit Samuel P. Huntington, “The New Era in World Politics” In his article, Huntington argues that the world we live in, mainly after the cold war, has become a multipolar and multicivilizational one. This is interesting considering it shows globalization while still holding true to the values and cultures displayed around the world. He says that the world used to be broken up into a few different zones, even in the early 90’s. But now we have become a truly level global society, obviously with the exception of a few ravished third world countries that are playing catch-up. I think preserving the world’s cultures is key to globalization, which cannot be looked at as a “uniforming” of the earth. It is much bigger than that, and what makes globalization such a strong and positive force is its ability to bring so many different ideas to together and use them harmoniously rather than just picking one. Amartya Sen, “How to Misunderstand Everybody in the World” In this article, Amartya Sen discusses the conflict between two civilizations. He points out that “Western” and “Islamic” people are holding grudges on an entire civilization rather than just the small percentage of people responsible for certain acts of terror. Sen argues that categorizing enormous groups of people like this is illogical and that many different characters can be found under both “Western” society and “Islamic” civilization. He says that this labeling, often having to do with religion, is completely false because in places such as India one could not classify everyone as Islamic because Hinduism
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global reading extra credit - Trevor Salas March 8 2010...

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