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global reading notes 7 - Trevor Salas Global 1 Kathy Kemp...

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Trevor Salas Global 1 Kathy Kemp Friday 11AM Reading Notes Amrita Basu, “Introduction” to The Challenge of Local Feminisms Amrita Basu addresses the issue of whether feminist movements across the globe are the same movement or if they are actually separate movements that follow the same template. She first points out that women’s movements have followed radical times of modernization, and that there are similarities in the way women are oppressed globally. She also suggests that women’s movements often fight for the same things, which could simply be due to lack of organization between different groups. I think a big part of the women’s movement is based on the black rights movement of around the same time. The black movements too began as individual groups, but as more began getting what they sought after, it became more of a global issue. Suffrage for black people was a very big step for them, and it proved the same for the women’s movement. Unknown, “The Beijing Declaration and the Platform for Action” Simply the fact that the women’s movement became such an issue as to hold the Fourth World Conference shows the victory of the women’s movement discussed in “The Challenge of Local Feminisms.” The World Conference called for a setting of equality, development, and peace for all women, both in youth and adulthood. Such a worldwide
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global reading notes 7 - Trevor Salas Global 1 Kathy Kemp...

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