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ASTR 302 W08 Midterm 2 Review Guide Date Wednesday, February 27, 2008 Format 1) Multiple choice section (20-40%) 2) Short answer problems (qualitative and quantitative) (80-60%) Topics 1) Properties of the sun and how we know them (size, mass, temperature, luminosity, bulk density) 2) How to estimate central density and central temperature of the sun 3) Layers of the sun and features of each 4) Sunspot cycle and solar rotation 5) Solar wind, solar flares, and aurora 6) Viral theorem and energy released due to gravitational collapse 7) Previous theories for energy sources for the sun (gravitational, chemical) 8) Fusion and energy released through hydrogen fusion in the sun 9) pp-chain reaction, CNO-cycle, triple-alpha, alpha addition 10) Magnitude systems (apparent and absolute magnitude) 11) Spectral classification system and explanation for strength of H lines in stars 12) Key features of the HR diagram (including location of MS, giant, and dwarf stars)
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Unformatted text preview: 13) Theory of star formation 14) Mass luminosity relationship 15) Stellar lifetimes 16) Evolution of <8 solar mass stars (red giant, planetary nebula, white dwarf) 17) Evolution of >8 solar mass stars (red giant, supernova, neutron star or black hole) 18) Concept of electron degeneracy pressure and neutron degeneracy pressure 19) Gravitational redshift around compact objects 20) Nucleosynthesis (stellar formation of elements with higher atomic number) 21) Properties of white dwarfs (how radius varies with mass, nova) 22) Properties of neutron stars (gravitational redshift, pulsars, X-ray bursts and superbursts) 23) Properties of black holes (singularity, Schwartzschild radius, observational evidence) Relevant Lecture Tutorials 1) Apparent and Absolute Magnitudes of Stars 2) HR Diagram 3) Star Formation and Lifetimes* 4) Stellar Evolution *Discussed in class but not assigned...
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