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global reading notes last one - Trevor Salas Kathy Kemp...

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Trevor Salas 3/4/10 Kathy Kemp Friday 11am Reading notes Mark Juergensmeyer, “Terror in the Name of God” In this article Juergensmeyer argues the idea that religion has been a main cause of violence in history. He makes sure not to blame a single belief for modern terrorism, but rather Juergensmeyer believes that certain parts of many religions are misunderstood and interpreted as seeking violence. Such a group that makes these false interpretations is the Al Quada. He argues that terrorist attacks such as the one of on world trade centers are done to take down the secular, economic empowered symbols. Juergensmeyer calls these people antiglobalists, and although this form of terrorism is relatively new, violence in the name of God is not. The crusaders used religion as a reason to conquer much of Europe, as the French used the spread of Christianity as an excuse to take-over. Samantha Power, “Our War on Terror” In Power’s article she recaps our nation’s reaction to the 9/11 attacks. However, she takes an approach that I believe isn’t seen very often by the average American citizen. She shows that this “war on terror” isn’t just between the United States and the middle
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global reading notes last one - Trevor Salas Kathy Kemp...

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