AAE552-Session14 - AAE 552 Spring 2009 A. F. Grandt 1 1 AAE...

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Unformatted text preview: AAE 552 Spring 2009 A. F. Grandt 1 1 AAE 552: Nondestructive Evaluation of Structures and Materials A. F. Grandt, Jr. Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics Purdue University W. Lafayette, IN 47907 Session 14 13 February 2009 2 Contact Information Alten F. (Skip) Grandt, Jr. Email: aae552@ecn.purdue.edu Telephone: Office: 765-494-5141 Home: 765-463-4276 FAX: 765-494-0307 Course webpage accessed at: http://www.itap.purdue.edu/tlt/blackboard 3 AAE 552 Session 14 13 February 2009 Last Time: Visual inspection Today: Finish Visual inspection Endoscopes Machine vision Case histories Pros/cons Start penetrant 4 Assignment Please read Textbook : Chapter 10 Webpage powerpoint references Visual inspection collaboration for NDT education Endoscopes: The Borescope for Humans, Christine Poulin AAE 552 term paper Abstract #2 Due Session 18 (23 February 2009) Paper#1 Due Session 21 (2 March 2009) 5 Visual Inspection (Fig. 10.1) Visual detection of surface anomalies with the aid of lighting, mirrors, low power magnification Borescopes 6 Visual Inspection Spencer defines visual inspection as " . . . the process of examination and evaluation of systems and components by use of human sensory systems aided only by such mechanical enhancements to sensory input as magnifiers, dental picks, stethoscopes, and the like. The inspection process may be done using such behaviors as looking, listening, feeling, smelling, shaking, and twisting. It includes a cognitive component wherein observations are correlated with knowledge of structure and with descriptions and diagrams from service literature." AAE 552 Spring 2009 A. F. Grandt 2 7 Visual Inspection Direct visual inspection Telescope, borescope, periscope Physical examination Optical projector/comparator Real-time video Dye penetrant/magnetic particle Indirect visual inspection Photographs for later interpretation Radiographs, metallographs Videotapes (non-real time) Glossary of Terms Borescope: A visual inspection aid used for the inspection of internal surfaces. Borescopes are rigid and flexible. Corrosion: The deterioration of a metal by chemical or electro-chemical reaction with its environment. Defect: A discontinuity which interferes with the usefulness of a part. A fault in any material or part which is detrimental to its serviceability. Glossary of Terms, Cont. Direct Visual Inspection: Visual inspection conducted where the eye can be place within 24 of the area to be inspected at an angle of not less than 30. Discontinuity: An interruption in the normal physical structure or configuration of a part....
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AAE552-Session14 - AAE 552 Spring 2009 A. F. Grandt 1 1 AAE...

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