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AAE552-Session17 - AAE 552 Spring 2009 A F Grandt AAE 552...

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AAE 552 Spring 2009 – A. F. Grandt 1 1 AAE 552: Nondestructive Evaluation of Structures and Materials A. F. Grandt, Jr. Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics Purdue University W. Lafayette, IN 47907 Session 17 – 20 February 2009 2 Contact Information Alten F. (Skip) Grandt, Jr. Email: aae552[email protected] Telephone: Office: 765-494-5141 Home: 765-463-4276 FAX: 765-494-0307 Course webpage accessed at: http://www.itap.purdue.edu/tlt/blackboard 3 AAE 552 Session 17 20 February 2009 Last Time: penetrant inspection Today: Finish penetrant Discuss Ch 10 problems Start radiography 4 Assignment Please read Textbook : Chapter 11 Webpage powerpoint references “Radiographic Testing” – collaboration for NDT education Abstract #2 – Due Session 18 (23 February 2009) – see webpage description, examples of papers from prior years Paper #1 – Due Session 21 (2 March 2009) Exam #1 – Session 29 (Friday, 27 March 2009) 5 Ch 10: Penetrant Inspection Penetration of colored liquid locates surface breaking anomalies Glossary of Terms Capillary Action - the tendency of certain liquids to travel or climb when exposed to small openings. Contrast - the relative amount of light emitted or reflected between and indication and its background. Defect - a discontinuity that effects the usefulness of a part or specimen. Developer - a finely divided material applied over the surface of a part to help promote reverse capillary action and thus bring out a penetrant indication.
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AAE 552 Spring 2009 – A. F. Grandt 2 Glossary of Terms Discontinuity - any interruption in the normal physical structure of a part or weld. It may or may not affect the usefulness of a part. Dwell Time - the period of time that a penetrant or developer must remain in contact with the surface of a part under test. Emulsification Time - the time allowed for the emulsifier to render the penetrant water washable and thus allow the part to be washed. Emulsifier - a material applied over a film of penetrant that renders it water washable. Glossary of Terms Evaluation - the process of deciding as to the severity of the condition after an indication has been interpreted. False Indication - an indication caused by improper processing; not caused by a relevant or non-relevant condition. Flash Time - the time required for the solvent to evaporate from the surface of a part when used to preclean or remove excess penetrant. Fluorescent Dye - a dye which becomes fluorescent (gives off light) when exposed to short wave radiation such as ultraviolet light. Glossary of Terms Indication - the visible evidence or penetrant bleed-out on the surface of the specimen Interpretation - the process of evaluating an indication in an attempt to determine the cause and nature of the discontinuity. Non-Aqueous Developer - a developer in which developing powder is applied as a suspension in a quick drying solvent Penetrant - a liquid used in fluorescent or visible dye penetrant inspection to penetrate into the surface openings of parts inspected via these methods Glossary of Terms Relevant Indication
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