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Lecture 18b - Key Swing Containers o JFrame o o o Is a...

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Key Swing Containers o JFrame o Is a window with a title bar, menu bar, and border(inset) o Can be iconified o Is free-floating Ie cannot be nested inside another container o Consists of several layers Has a JRootPane Each JRootPane has a jLayeredPane, JMenuBar, JContentPane, and JGlassPane o Add components to the content pane o JPanel o Is A generic container, always inside some other container Cannot float freely on the screen o Used to group controls together You can nest several JPanels inside another JPanel o Can also e used as an area to draw on o You must extend the class, and override pointComponent() Layout Manager o Are classes that determine where components are placed inside a container o Do not determine exact placement, but implement a general layout policy o If you resize the container, the components may be repositioned or change in size o Use setLayout() to set a container’s layout manager o Eg: myContainer.setLayout(new FlowLayout()); o Set the layout first, then add components o With some layouts, the order in which you add is important
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