Lecture 21 - Extra - primitives o Eg Scanner inputStream =...

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Parsing Text Streams You can use the parseXXX() methods to convert strings to primitive types o Assumes one value per line o Eg: int i = Integer.parseInt(line.trim()); Can be done with the StreamTokenizer class o Returns tokens (items separated by white space or other separators) You can use the Scanner class to read from a text file o Methods like nextInt(), nextDouble(), etc allow you to read text and convert to
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Unformatted text preview: primitives o Eg: Scanner inputStream = new Scanner(new FileInputStream(“Test.txt”)); int n1 = inputStream.nextInt(); . . . Writing Binary Files • Can be done with DataOutputStream and FileOutputStream classes • Use writeXXX() methods on the DataOutputStream object o Eg: writeDouble(), writeInt(), etc Reading Binary Files • Can be done with DataInputStream and FileInputStream classes...
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