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ASTR 302 Some Practice Final Exam Questions Below are some practice final exam questions. Not all topics covered on the final exam are included below. That is, the final will cover more than just the 6 topics below. 1) While conducting a parallax study, you observe a star with an apparent magnitude of 8 that moves back and forth in the sky every year by 0.001 arcseconds. a.Determine the distance to the star. Show your work. b.How much brighter or dimmer would the star be if it was located 10 parsecs away. c.What is the absolute magnitude of the star? 2) The sun is a star in the Milky Way Galaxy. a. Provide a sketch of our galaxy as viewed from the edge of the spiral disk. Label the three primary structural components of the galaxy – the bulge, disk, and halo. b. Draw in and label the approximate location of the sun relative to the disk. Explain how we know that we are not at the center of our galaxy. c.
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