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1 Process Selection and Product Design Objectives 1. Understand the basic types of production processes. 2. Recognize the four major process flow structures and the characteristics for each. 3. Understand the purpose for QFD and concurrent engineering. Types of Processes There are four main types of processes. 1. Conversion Process - here, we change the substance of the product. Forming rubber or plastics from petroleum is a conversion process, as is turning wood into paper. The key point is that the material has been transformed from one substance to another. 2. Fabrication Process - here, we change the shape or form of the product. Stamping out metal parts is one example. Cutting and sewing materials for a jacket is another. 3. Assembly Process - here, separate parts are physically joined or combined . Putting together a computer is an assembly operation - all you need are the right tools and all the necessary components. In general, each part remains physically distinct. The hard drive is still clearly identifiable as the hard drive; it has not been so closely merged with another part that one can no longer tell where one begins and the other ends. 4. Testing Process - here, some form of inspection is occurring. The part is examined and measured against some criteria (sometimes easily quantified, sometimes very subjective), and is either passed or not. Do film cartridges for instant cameras have a sufficient amount of reagent in them? Process Flow Structures Processes can be categorized by how the product moves throughout the system. Four possible types of process flow structures have been categorized. A production system can be classified by observing such things as the layout of equipment and the variety and volume of products.
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Process_Selection_and_Product_Design_lecture_note -...

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