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Ta’Ryan Lloyd February 18, 2010 Narrative Speech Outline – My history/ Gumbo I. Introduction: a. I know about food b. I am very cultured and all of the foods that I eat take me to another place c. Soul food is my history book and the kitchen is my classroom II. Body a. My great grandmother was diagnosed with breast and bone cancer but she was way more worried about the family than her own health. b. Katrina came and took us away from each other for 4 months c. When everyone came back for Christmas is when I truly understood why she cooked and that was to keep us all together and pass down our history the only way she knew
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Unformatted text preview: how III. Conclusion: a. When I eat soul food it just isn’t a savory feeling but a memory of a story and a lesson that she has taught me b. And the gumbo reminds me most of how we have come out of troubled waters and made all the scraps and unwanted pieces of food into something that everyone craves to have. c. When I am eating I am studying all the lessons that she has left behind because only when I realize the significance of these lessons will I truly understand who I am....
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