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(Awais Farooq ) Abstract: Microsoft Company has developed a new computer and it is called as “Microsoft surface”. It is a combination of hardware and software. What is Microsoft surface? Something about its history. How Microsoft surface works? What are its features? What hardware’s and software’s it use? What is its specification? Some lines I write about its conclusion 1) Introduction: I. Background: This Project began in 2001, in 2001 Microsoft researchers Steve Bathiche and Andy Wilson developed idea of an interactive table. In 2003, 1st prototype was presented to Bill Gates for approval. By late 2004, the software development platform of Surface was well established and attention turned to the form factor. A number of different experimental prototypes were built including “The TUB” model which was encased in a rounded plastic shell, a desk-height model with a square top and cloth- covered sides, and a bar-height model that could be used while standing. Then after that it was launched in April 2007. It is a surface computing platform from Microsoft. II. Objective: i. The main objective of Microsoft surface is control the huge Businesses. As about persons can use it at a time. ii. Before this all computers are made only for computing but it has two purposes, first it is a computer with advanced technology and other is that it has given a very beautiful look, its look is decorative. iii. It is also designed to save a lot of time, as five users use it at a time. iv.
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Surface Computing - Surface Computing (Awais Farooq)...

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